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In art, how you apply color gives landscapes new or different perspectives. Color Perspectives seeks to add a new perspective to the landscapes of work and education by providing insight into the diversity and inclusion present in national and global corporations and institutions, by those who are directly affected: people of color.

Color Perspectives provides the platform for people of color to express their experience to those who will relate and those seeking to improve organizational and institutional culture from the bottom up.

Who We Are

We are Black women who have worked for some of the largest, oldest organizations in the country.

Using our institutional knowledge, we serve BIPOC looking for transparency into the diversity, inclusion, and equity of organizations.

We are Black analysts communicating best practices for navigating spaces that were not initially set up to be inclusive to all.

We are Black changemakers pushing organizations to implement anti-racist practices to be diverse and inclusive, from the perspectives of BIPOC.

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We created Color Perspectives to bring you together with equally passionate people ready for something new.

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A community built by BIPOC to serve BIPOC .


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